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Full-auto SMT stencil printer
Full-auto SMT stencil printer
1. The scraper seat is driven by precision guide rail and loose speed motor to ensure printing accuracy. 2. The printing squeegee can be rotated up to 45 degrees and fixed, which is convenient for cleaning and replacement of the printing screen and the squeegee. 3. The scraper seat can be adjusted back and forth to choose the appropriate printing position. 4. The combined printing platen has fixed grooves and PINs, which are easy to install and adjust, and are suitable for single and double-sided printing. 5. The proofreading method adopts steel mesh movement, combined with the X, Y, Z correction and fine adjustment of printing (PCB), which is convenient and quick. 6. It adopts PLC and touch screen control, which is simple, convenient and suitable for man-machine dialogue. 7. One-way and two-way can be set, a variety of printing methods. 8. With automatic counting function, it is convenient for the statistics of production output. 9. The angle of the scraper is adjustable, both steel scrapers and rubber scrapers are suitable. 10. The touch screen has a screen saver function, and the time can be adjusted arbitrarily to protect the service life of the touch screen. 11. It has the function of wiping the screen and alarming, which is convenient for cleaning the screen on time and guarantees the printing quality. 12. Using AE's unique program design, the printing scraper seat is easy to adjust. 13. The speed of the printing press is displayed, which can be adjusted arbitrarily. 14. The upper and lower lifts use special cylinders to ensure stable work.
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